Thursday, May 8, 2008

Art Depew


Lance Depew said...

That is a great photo of my dad. Where did you obtain the photo? How can I go about obtaining additional photos of him from the many years he performed on the show?

FYI, my father only recently retired from the music business. For many years he led the Harry James Orchestra and has also recorded a number of swing and Dixieland CDs.

jbfunky said...

Howdy Lance,

I usually tape the show on DVD, and this one is a screen capture.

There's two ways, if you have a DVR player that records the Welk show, and have DVD playback software on your computer that takes screen'll have fun and then some.

Also, the second way is to get in touch with Margaret Heron of Welk syndication. She is glad to answer any question or be of any assistance whatsoever!

Take care, thanks for visiting my blog:)